About us

The Nelson Mandela University Unit for Positive Organisations (UPO), located within the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources, has a long history of development and change since its inception as the Industrial Relations Unit in 1981.

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The Unit falls under the leadership of Professor Grant Freedman, Head of the Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology.  Grant is supported by a team of dedicated academics from the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources.

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Positive Channels

In today’s ever-evolving global economy and ever-shifting learning communities, it is imperative that academic institutions are not only in sync with other academic institutions and scholars, but also the communities and business communities they operate in.

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Positive Business Projects

The Positive Business Project (PBP) is an annual student and industry initiative presented by the UPO aimed at identifying, studying, celebrating, and spreading positive business in organisations of all types.

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Publications and Tools

The Nelson Mandela University UPO values research and development and is thus committed to dedicating our time to research initiatives aimed at developing positive leaders, their organisations and employees.

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The UPO is proud to present continuous short learning development programmes for Nelson Mandela University students, employees of Nelson Mandela University and industry.

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Contact us

Professor Grant Freedman

Nelson Mandela University

Unit for Positive Organisations

E-mail: grant.freedman@mandela.ac.za

Phone: 041 504 4581