The UPO is proud to present continuous short learning development programmes for Nelson Mandela University students, employees of Nelson Mandela University and industry. 

We pride ourselves in the ability to work with industry to develop bespoke learning programmes aligned to and in support of your strategic business objectives. These programmes are designed to help individuals and organisations to overcome negative development challenges. 

With the help of a dedicated academic team, the UPO can design, develop, implement and facilitate learning and development programmes which can help individuals and organisations to develop new possibilities and to enable you and your organisation to thrive.

The UPO offers tailored training courses for you and your organisations or we can help coach employees in the organisation.

If you are interested in us facilitating a learning and development project to develop new possibilities, facilitate a training course for you and your organisation or help manage or facilitate coaching employees in your organisation, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can support you and your organisation to succeed and achieve your goals.

The following short learning and development programmes are offered on a regular basis:

  1. Management and Supervisory Skills
  2. Ethics and Integrity: A UNODC Education for Justice Initiative   
  3. People Management Skills
  4. Leadership Branding

Please fill out the short inquiry form and Prof Grant Freedman will contact you to answer all your questions and provide a detailed description of each of the courses you may be interested in.