In today’s ever-evolving global economy and ever-shifting learning communities, it is imperative that academic institutions are not only in sync with other academic institutions and scholars, but also the communities and business communities they operate in. UPO believes that positive change is possible and has, as part of our vision, created six channels to serve all key stakeholders by enabling them to become positive scholars and positive organisation, thus creating a commitment to achieving sustainable long-term success through developing positive individuals and organisations.

  1. UPO Short Learning Programmes
  2. UPO Conference and Knowledge Communities
  3. UPO Internships & Learnerships
  4. UPO Industry Research, Engagement and Projects
  5. UPO CSR and Sustainability Projects
  6. UPO Team and School Research


The strategic objectives of the UPO focuses on research and engagement within the Positive Organisational Scholarship and Behaviour paradigm. The research efforts are aimed at developing positive organisation and includes the following broad themes:

  1. Positive Organisation Scholarship
  2. Positive Organisational Behaviour
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Rewards and Remuneration
  5. Projects